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Designplants not only has a wide range of artificial plants and artificial trees, but also a large amount of stock. We have a building of over 6000m2 at our disposal. Enough space to store all the artificial plants. Designplants wants to make sure at all times that you do not miss out and we can always delight you with the plants on your wish list.

Artificial Plants

Designplants is the specialist in artificial plants. Quality is of the utmost importance to us. Our artificial plants are so faithfully copied that they seem lifelike and therefore absolutely not fake. At least, that is our starting point in designing and making all our small and large artificial plants. Designplants only cooperates with the best factories in China. And what we can't find? Then we just design it ourselves, right? With our previous experience as fresh produce growers we know exactly what plants, trees and bloomers should look like in real life.

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Artificial Trees

For the most beautiful artificial trees you are at the right place at Designplants. Through our years of experience in developing artificial plants, we not only have a wide range, but the artificial trees are also indistinguishable from real.



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Project Planting

Designplants also helps you with projects. From creating atmosphere in a canteen to planting the existing furniture in an office. At Designplants we like to see what the options are for you.

Which plant fits best with you, your wishes and the project? Our experts will take a look and advise you. This is possible for interiors, offices, stores and all other projects. Nothing is too crazy!

Curious about previous project planting? Or get ideas? Take a look at previous projects made by us.

Or use our special configurator. How nice it is to easily create and view your entire project with a click of a button. Mix and match our different artificial plants and pots. Does the plant fit in that one corner for which it was intended, does it combine in style and color with the rest of the interior and what does the plant actually look like seen from the back?

With our configurator you can see exactly how the plant will look in your project!

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Artificial plant of the month

Strelitzia Artificial Plant


The artificial plant of the month is the Strelitzia. This beautiful silk plant is a rare tropical surprise that has been very well copied.

The flowers are of particularly beautiful quality and, with their striking orange color, give any interior a summery look. The large leaves of the Strelitzia give the plant a beautiful volume, while the leaf print provides an extra natural look.

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Artificial Hanging Plants

An artificial hanging plant comes in many shapes and sizes. At Designplants you will find a wide range of artificial plants of high quality. These plants are ideal for a simple way to decorate a space. You also remove unwanted objects, such as pipes, in a natural way.

Designplants is the specialist in the field of artificial hanging plants. Since 1991 we have been designing and producing artificial plants that look realistic and natural. By working closely with the manufacturer we are able to maintain a high level of quality.

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An artificial cactus is very popular these days and we know why! The sturdy plant that seems to walk straight out of Western movies is a great addition to the popular Urban Jungle trend or an industrial interior. Designplants has had its own cacti designed in various types and designs. From bouquets and potted cacti to beautiful art pendants. Which one are you going for?

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Large artificial trees

Need a large artificial tree for your entryway? At Designplants you have come to the right place. We have a unique range of large artificial trees, which are suitable for different situations and interiors. Our artificial trees are so unique because they are almost indistinguishable from real trees.

The range of large artificial trees starts from artificial trees of 240 cm height and ranges up to artificial trees of almost 5 meters! The most popular models are the Bamboo Giant Deluxe, the Ficus Exotica Giant and the Palm Trees..

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About us

Welcome to Designplants!

Doing what we believe in. Working on our ambitions with enthusiasm. Living our own dreams. Living your dreams. And preferably exceed them. That is our challenge and what we would like to do for you. What we like to get out of bed for in the morning. To create the perfect experience with artificial greenery that fits seamlessly with you and your ideas. To surprise, inspire and touch you with beautiful and lifelike artificial plants and trees. Every day again.

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