Artificial Bouquets

Just look at that wonderfully colourful artificial flower bouquet sparkling on the table. And how about those magnificent artificial flower arrangements at the front desk of your office? The perfect atmospheric eye-catchers and warm welcome for your customers and guests! They'll certainly bring happiness to each room and a smile to your visitors' faces.

With our perfectly replicated artificial bouquets, you'll definitely make a statement. After all, we've been the number one European specialist when it comes to artificial flowers, artificial trees and bouquets of artificial flowers since 1991. A unique assortment that you can directly order or take home from stock. Exclusively made for us with passion and the utmost care, and of durable and long-lasting high quality.

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Artificial bouquets? Happiness guaranteed!

With our beautiful artificial silk bouquets, you can create a pleasant, cheerful ambience in any space. Think of a lovely purple Kalanchoe artificial bouquet in the waiting room of your doctor's or dentist's practice. Or a lifelike Anthurium artificial bouquet to create a comfortable atmosphere at your entrance or reception desk. At the same time, this splendour of colours will also create a pleasant atmosphere in a conference room or office.

No worries with artificial flower arrangements

With an artificial silk flower bouquet of Maxifleur, you'll create ambience without any further worries. No more watering and no stems to be cut. Our artificial flower bouquets don't wilt and don't lose their petals. All you need to do is dust them occasionally. This means you've always got a beautiful bouquet of flowers at hand. An investment that will earn itself back quickly!

An artificial silk flower bouquet for every occasion

You won't have to worry about discolouration of the artificial flower bouquets when placed in the sun behind glass either. Moreover, temperature fluctuations won't cause any problems, so you can place your new art piece in any preferred location. Maxifleur offers artificial flower arrangements that are suitable for any environment and many different situations.?Another major advantage is that they're ideal for people who are allergic to flowers and plants,?as all our artificial bouquets are pollen-free.

An increasing selection of artificial flower arrangements

Throughout the years, our assortment of artificial bouquets has increased, which means we can offer you stunning arrangements that are indistinguishable from a real bouquet. As a result, because of the low maintenance required, investing in a suitable artificial bouquet has become increasingly attractive. Your beautiful new bouquet can be placed in various spaces and will last for years.

Our artificial bouquets: unique when it comes to type

Quality is our distinguishing feature. Because we have so much experience with perfectly recapturing nature and intensively collaborate with the best suppliers, we are able to guarantee the highest quality. Additionally, we only use the very best materials, such as exclusive quality artificial silks, Pongee, polyester foam and a silky coating. This is not only visible, but you can feel it as well! Just like the real thing, right?

Own design artificial silk flower arrangement

All these beautiful artificial bouquets are developed and produced by Maxifleur itself. This means you'll definitely get artificial bouquets of the very highest quality. Thanks to our years of experience with designing artificial plants and artificial flowers, we only offer the most lifelike, natural artificial bouquets as part of our assortment. Moreover, many of our artificial flower bouquets have been exclusively produced, making them absolutely unique.

Also interested in buying an artificial flower bouquet?

Maxifleur has a variety of artificial silk flower bouquets that are suitable for any environment and for many situations.?Our bouquets vary greatly in style, colour, size and price which means there's always an artificial silk flower arrangement that suits your wishes. Be inspired and order directly from stock at wholesale prices or come to experience our flowers firsthand in our virtual or real-life showroom in Rozenburg.

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