Artificial Long-Stem flowers

Have you always wanted to go all out with a unique and magnificent arrangement, complete with special and lifelike artificial long-stem flowers? We're certain your creative ideas will be noticed! And how about the inspiration and happiness that this perfect colourful splendour will bring to every space? An optimal atmosphere and experience guaranteed!

With our artificial long-stem flowers, you can make the most stunning silk flower bouquets yourself. Why? Because they are made of the very best, most durable quality and delicately woven silk. As a result, our silk long-stem flowers don't only look real, but also feel real! Unique silk colourful splendour that you can order or take home directly from stock!

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Lifelike artificial long-stem flowers

With lifelike long-stem flowers silk, you will create an atmospheric eye-catcher in your home, business, shop, restaurant or recreational space! It inspires, gives your guests a warm welcome and invites them to stay for longer. How about that rare Strelitzia or special artificial Orchid as cheerful centrepiece in your waiting room?

Artificial silk long-stem flowers will remain beautiful for a long time

A unique silk green experience without much effort! The artificial flowers and long-stem flowers of Maxifleur are made of the very finest materials and will therefore not discolour when they're placed in sunlight behind glass. They remain beautiful without requiring too much maintenance.

An artificial long-stem flower? Pollen-free!

Additionally, the artificial long-stem flowers can withstand temperature fluctuations and they don't require light. And no more worrying about wilting flowers, either. You can place the artificial flowers in any desired location. Not to mention, all our silk long-stem flowers are pollen-free, making them suitable for people who are allergic to flowers and plants.

An artificial silk long-stem flower for each spot

Maxifleur offers artificial long-stem flowers that are suitable for any environment and for many different situations.?Combine our beautiful artificial flowers, artificial leaf branches and artificial long-stem flowers and create your very own bouquet. Create a suitable bouquet for any situation. Will it be that traditional vase with artificial flowers or the artificial silk flower bouquet with exotic succulent plants?

Refined artificial silk long-stem flowers

Ever since 1991, Maxifleur has been designing and producing the most beautiful, high quality artificial plants and artificial flowers. Thanks to our years of experience and expertise, we develop artificial long-stem flowers that are indistinguishable from the real thing. They not only look extremely natural, but also feel natural. Delicately woven and made of the best and most durable types of artificial silk.

Silk artificial long-stem flowers: plenty of variety!

Maxifleur has many different shapes, sizes and types of high-quality silk long-stem flowers available directly from stock - at wholesale prices! To safeguard quality, we often speak to customers, suppliers and Dutch growers. Moreover, we've been collaborating with the best suppliers for years.

Also interested in ordering artificial long-stem flowers?

Allow our extensive and sharply priced assortment - available directly from stock - amaze you. Want to experience your favourite silk long-stem flowers firsthand? Pay our 1,000m2 showroom in Rozenburg either a virtual or live visit. Here, you can experience your favourite silk long-stem flower, possibly even in combination with a luxury vase or bowl. Will you also pay us a visit and explore to your heart's content?

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