Artificial Plants

Interested in buying truly special and durable artificial plants that meet the highest of experience and quality standards? Looking for an exclusive artificial plant to give your home, work, restaurant, shop or other space some ambience? Don't wait any longer! After all, you can admire and order them from us whenever you want.

Maxifleur has been the number one specialist in high-quality artificial plants for many years now. For instance, we've got over 9,500 exclusive artificial indoor and outdoor plants in all kinds of shapes and sizes in stock. Are you looking for green artificial plants? Perhaps Bamboo or a Ficus is just the thing for you! Prefer more colourful artificial plants? Let our flowering artificial silk plants surprise you.

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High-quality artificial plants

Something that grows and blooms so beautifully in nature, deserves to be replicated with the very best quality and accuracy. At least, that's the very principle behind the design and manufacturing process of all our artificial plants. To safeguard our quality standards, we listen closely to what our customers, suppliers and Dutch growers have to say. This means we're well tuned to everyone's wishes and we only deliver high-quality products.

Unique artificial plants in Europe

?Thanks to the close collaboration with our suppliers, we deliver high-quality artificial indoor and outdoor plants at a wholesale price to a variety of private and business customers. Many of our artificial plants and trees are exclusively designed and built for - and sometimes even by - us, making ourselves a particularly unique unique player in the European market! You won't soon encounter our product range anywhere else.

Advantages of buying artificial plants

Why would you order artificial plants? One huge advantage is that they help you to create an atmospheric experience that will remain beautiful with minimum effort. Given that artificial plants don't discolour or wither, you don't have to water them. And wilting flowers or brown leaves? No way, artificial plants will always look beautiful!

Artificial plants? Low maintenance!

Naturally, the leaves may accumulate dust, but with special cleaning products or a dust cloth, it's easy to remove in no time. This won't damage the artificial plants one bit. In the end, the maintenance of these lifelike plants won't cost you any time at all.

Sunlight-free artificial plants

Another advantage of artificial plants is that they don't require sunlight and can withstand temperature fluctuations. This makes artificial greenery suitable for every location. You can buy lifelike artificial plants for those spots that are usually not suitable for plants. Another advantage? Artificial plants are highly suitable for people who can't keep real plants at home due to allergies.

Productive artificial silk plants?

And do you have a company with lots of visitors? With special artificial plants as atmospheric eye-catchers, you can create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. And what about you and your own employees? Research shows that inspiring green and a beautiful workplace will significantly increase your team's productivity. Bring on the inspiration!

Interested in buying lifelike artificial plants?

In our artificial plants online shop, you can find a large assortment of top-quality artificial greenery at a wholesale price. Moreover, we have over 9,500 green and artificial silk plants and artificial trees in stock, which means we can deliver quickly. Find your online artificial plants and matching decorative pot in our online shop and easily, quickly and safely order your artificial plants online.

Want to buy artificial plants but prefer to see what they look like first? Our showroom in Rozenburg (NH), with 1,000m2 of inspiration, can be visited either virtually or in person. Do you have a shop, restaurant or other business space? We are happy to take care of any planting projects.

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