Artificial Garlands

Looking for an atmospheric, inspiring and yet fast and easy artificial garland for your restaurant or catering event? Also looking for a stylish, unique and maintenance-free decoration without too much effort? With our varied and unique offer of artificial garlands, you will surely be successful!

We develop our own artificial garlands in close and long-lasting collaboration with our manufacturers. This means that all our artificial wreaths are truly indistinguishable from the real thing, unique in their kind and suitable for any space. Another advantage? Maxifleur offers them from stock at extremely advantageous wholesale prices!

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Artificial wreaths? Atmospheric accents!

With our lifelike artificial garlands you can provide beautiful atmospheric accents to any space. For instance, give your restaurant, shop, living room or office the ambience that matches the season with one of our Grape wreaths. Or place the artificial garlands against a wall or on a banister. This allows you to create a natural and inspiring atmosphere that is indistinguishable from the real thing!

An artificial garland for every season

But you can also use a beautiful Maple fall garland or a stunningly flowering Bougainvillea wreath to decorate your space. This allows you to create a changing seasonal ambience by using suitable artificial garlands. And how about the various Hedera (artificial ivy), Petunia and Grape wreaths in our assortment?

We design our artificial garlands ourselves

Just like our other plants, these artificial garlands are exclusively produced for - and sometimes even designed by - us. You won't soon find our artificial wreaths somewhere else. Thanks to our years of experience, we exclusively offer beautiful and deceptively lifelike artificial garlands in our assortment. They don't only look real, they also feel real!

Artificial wreath? Direct ambience

Create immediate ambience in every space, from office to home, with our artificial plants and garlands. After all, artificial garlands compliment your total planting plan; you can use them to apply beautiful accents in spots where no regular artificial plant can be placed. This means you can outfit an entire space with beautiful plants.

Durable investment in artificial garlands

In addition, the main advantage of an artificial garland is that you can continue to enjoy it without too much maintenance. Simple dusting every now and then suffices. Our artificial plants are also free of pollen en therefore allergy free. This makes buying an artificial wreath a durable investment that will definitely earn itself back over time.

Also interested in ordering our artificial garlands?

It's time to discover our extensive assortment with over 9,500 artificial trees, artificial plants, artificial flowers and matching luxury planters. You can order these directly from stock or experience them in our virtual showroom firsthand. Would you prefer to experience the lifelike quality of our artificial garlands up close? Of course you're more than welcome to visit our 1,000m2 showroom in Rozenburg. Will you be the next to marvel at our beautiful plants?

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