Complete Planters

Looking for the most beautiful, most luxurious and complete planters with artificial plants or artificial trees? This will create an amazing ambience and experience in your home, at work, at your shop or restaurant! We can guarantee that the inspiring effect and warm welcome of our plants will strike you, your guests, employees and other business relations.

We also have a unique assortment waiting for you when it comes to lifelike artificial plants or artificial trees in a matching planter. Very realistic, exclusive and put together based on our years of experience, so definitely unique on the market. Directly available from stock too, so fast delivery at wholesale prices!

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The convenience of the complete planter

A complete planter with artificial plants or artificial trees? What a great idea! After all, this eye-catcher with tons of ambience can be placed immediately at home, work or any other location. How about a fresh Asparagus in a Natural Weave bulb pot? This will give your entrance, cafeteria or office a fresh look all year round.

Atmospheric and complete planters

But your front desk, windowsill or counter can also do with some decoration. For instance, a bouquet of artificial silk sunflowers would certainly look stunning at your reception desk. And have you seen that wayward and unique-looking Senecio Pearl artificial hanging plant? Both a feast for the eyes and hardly distinguishable from the real thing!

Advantages of artificial planters

There are many advantages to a complete planter with artificial plants or artificial trees. Artificial plants don't wilt and wither like real plants do, and they're suitable for any temperature. For example, you don't have to water your artificial plants. The only thing you have to do is dust them off. To this end, there are special products available that don't damage the plants.

Also interested in buying complete planters?

Why would I order a complete planter with artificial plants and artificial trees from Maxifleur, you may ask. Well, simply because we've been designing artificial plants since 1991 and can adapt them to any situation. They look exactly like real plants. Our assortment has also been greatly expanded over the years and is unique in this market, as many of the products are exclusively produced for us.

Complete planter from stock

Moreover, we have over 9,500 lifelike artificial trees, artificial plants and complete planters at great rates in stock. To be ordered directly by you or to be first experienced in our showroom, either virtually or in person. Over 1,000m2 of inspiration and many well-filled complete planters are waiting for you!

Non-committal planting project advice

Are you looking for a complete planter with artificial plants or artificial trees to brighten up your office space, shop or restaurant? Use our planting advice on location. We will visit your location to discuss which plants suit your space and provide custom advice.

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