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Looking for a wholesaler with the most beautiful artificial plants for your green project? You will find it right in the green heart of Europe! A stone's throw from the Aalsmeer flower auction and Amsterdam Airport, you will find the one-stop-shop for project planting with  artificial plants.

In our Experience Center of over 1,000 m² we present you the latest green trends, you will find the most natural collection of artificial plants, and you can choose from a large collection of artificial trees up to 5 meters high. And all this presented in exclusive pot/plant combinations!

Make an appointment here for your visit and surprise yourself with the best quality artificial plants!

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Monday: 13:00 - 16:00 uur

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Imagine yourself in an environment of nature and tranquility and be inspired in our beautiful experience center. A real experience when it comes to artificial plants. You will be amazed by the range and quality of our artificial plants. In the first place because our artificial plants are really so faithfully reproduced that they appear lifelike. Because imitating nature is our passion, every day. Something that grows and blooms so beautifully in real life, does it deserve to be imitated with the best quality and fidelity? That is our starting point when designing and making all our small and artificial plants.

To complete your green project in 1 visit, you will also find a huge range of luxury planters and decorative pots in our Exepercience center. Mix & match your ideal combination of different plants with the most beautiful pots. Which combination makes your heart beat faster?

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Check out our most popular species

Designplants is the specialist in artificial plants! We have plants in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a green synthetic plant, then a Bamboo or Ficus may be for you. If you prefer a fresh spring feeling at home, take a look at our colorful flowering plants. Of course we also have variants for outside, so that you can enjoy it in winter as well.

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Advice from specialists

Our experts are happy to help you with personal advice. They are present in the experience center every working day to provide you with the best possible service. The experts are happy to think along with you and give advice without obligation.

Choose artificial plants

Which plant suits you best and your wishes? Our experts watch and advise you. This can be for your interior, your office or your shop. Nothing is too crazy!


Once you've found the right plant, the second dilemma comes into play. Which pot fits best with the artificial plant? Thanks to our wide range, there is something for everyone! The experts are also happy to take a look here. They can advise you which plant pot best suits the plant and your interior.

And many more… 

Designplants also helps you with projects. From creating atmosphere in a canteen to planting the existing furniture in your office. For Designplants we are happy to see what the options are for you. See here previous projects made by us


Visit our Experience Center and be surprised

Experience Center News

Hanging plants

Artificial hanging plants come in many shapes and sizes. At Designplants you will find a wide range of hanging plants of high quality. The artificial hanging plants are ideal for decorating a room in a simple way. In addition, you can remove unwanted objects, such as pipes, in a natural way. Mix and match the different hanging plants and create an Urban Jungle atmosphere. Choose a Grape Hanger in your catering industry, a Petunia Guirlade to hide the heating pipe or get started with a natural moss bulb and some hanging artificial grasses.

Flowering Artificial Plants

With the flowering artificial plants from Designplants you can brighten up the entire room in no time. We have a wide range of flowering plants to choose from. From small to large and in all kinds of different colors. Color an office, shop or living room with one of our beautiful artificial plants. Use the Medinelle artificial plant to brighten up the windowsill or opt for a Poinsetta, which is indistinguishable from the real thing, to give color to the still dull corner of the office space. The artificial Orchid and the artificial Hydrangea always do well.

Artificial grass plants

Would you like something different than usual? Then choose artificial ornamental grass. Nowadays, the grass plant is a welcome guest in every interior at home, in the office, in the catering industry, in the garden or wherever. This artificial plant is ideal for a solitary presentation, but also collected in clumps or in combination with other plants they give a wonderfully wide effect. The ornamental grasses are indistinguishable from real grasses and Designplants has a varied range. We offer different types, designs, colors and sizes. So there is something for everyone!

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