Indoor Landscaping

Are you planning to give your shop a professional makeover or would you like to show off your hospitality with an attractive backdrop of artificial greenery? For indoor greenery, Maxifleur Artificial Plants is the place to go. With the help of our unique project configurator, you can bring your interior to life. Or you can simply leave the design in our hands.

See your interior planting in advance

Do you only want to upgrade a small corner in the hallway that doesn't get much light or a dark entryway with a high ceiling? Or is it a question of redesigning the entire interior? Which artificial plants and pots would suit best? Should the artificial plants be narrow, tall, long, wide or rather low, green or flowering - the decorative pots trendy modern or old-fashioned classic? With so much to choose from, it's not easy to decide. After all, it is an extremely difficult undertaking to know in advance what the size and radiance of an artificial plant will do in your room. We accompany you from the first draft to the final implementation.

The advantages of artificial indoor landscaping

  • Boosts ambience
  • improves acoustics
  • can act as a divider between tables or desks
  • creates peace and privacy
  • requires practically no maintenance
  • has a proven relaxing and stimulating effect
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Bringing artificial plant requests to life: with the help of our configurator

How easy would it be if you, as a business customer, interior designer or stylist, could examine your dream plant in advance of a purchase? With our project configurator, we make exactly that possible. This gadget, unique on the market, helps you breathe life into your interior. You can play with different sizes, types and styles to your heart's content. Do you prefer an urban jungle in your canteen, a plant-based divider between desks or a green wall in the conference room?

Indoor landscaping for your business

You can't claim to have a green thumb or you simply don't have the time? We would be happy to take care of the planning and implementation of your ideas. How about a vertical garden in your lobby, for example, in which the colours of your company are reflected? Or what do you think of a colourful statement in the form of bright shades and the most beautiful ornamental containers? We can also integrate your company logo into an inspiring green boardroom wall or enhance your office ambience with a colourful collection of large artificial trees. There are no limits to your imagination.

Interior design according to your company philosophy

Have you always wanted a specially designed wall in your office, an eye-catching plant-pot combination in your entrance area or an oriental-looking room divider made of bamboo? Our professional project planting service makes all this and much more possible. We take up the identity of your company and reflect it in the form of a green work of art. You decide and we will take care of it.

Indoor landscaping with lasting character

The beauty of artificial greenery is that it retains its appeal for years. While plants in the wild wither and decay over time, this is not the case with artificial plants. Our artificial plants, trees and flowers retain their charm over time without you having to do much. What's more, research has shown that greenery or artificial greenery relaxes and makes you happy. An ideal solution for welcoming visitors to your hotel, restaurant, recreation centre or business.

Many years of experience in interior design

In short, what you set your mind to, we make with our hands. From inspiring moss walls that fit wonderfully in restrooms to graceful grass walls in hotel rooms, from vertically hanging gardens to atmospheric counter decorations: as a supplier of high-quality artificial greenery, we have the most beautiful artificial plants ready for you for every project. In addition, we take care of the individual design and implementation of your ideas. Thanks to our many years of experience as a market leader in the field, we do just that professionally, competently and with the utmost commitment.

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